Tenant Screening
Identify problem tenants before you rent to them.

Our services can help you identify those tenants likely to cause problems and cost you money.

  • Nationwide Eviction Search
  • Credit Reports
  • Criminal Records Search
  • Public Records Search
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Fraud Identification
  • Social Security Number Search

For those clients who don’t meet the compliance requirements for our full service Tenant Qualifier product, we can offer our Tenant Scorecard product, which gives you an instant “Pass” or “Fail” recommendation based on the credit report information. Since you don’t receive an actual copy of the credit report, there are less compliance requirements. You can choose from predetermined criteria including scores of 550, 600, or 650 and number of delinquencies to assist you with your rental decisions. You can also pull eviction and criminal reports with the Scorecard product.

The tenant screening solution landlords want, the security renters need.

A TransUnion SmartMove renter background check gives renters the ability to apply for a lease while protecting their personal identifying information. Renters who use SmartMove provide their Social Security number and bank account numbers directly to TransUnion – not an unknown landlord. TransUnion verifies the renter’s identity and provides the landlord with a leasing recommendation, credit report and criminal history. This way, sensitive information remains safe with TransUnion.

Please print and complete the Landlord Services Agreement,
then Email or mail it to us… along with the information specified in “What you’ll need to become a Landlord Member.”

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