CBY helps Family First Health hone its HR culture and find a new vice president 

When health care CEO Jenny Englerth needed to hire a leader for Human Resources and Talent Development, she turned to CBY Professional Services.

CEO Jenny Englerth has been at the helm of Family First Health for nearly two decades, steering the health care provider through challenges and to milestones. Her commitment to community health and social justice has been the driving force behind her leadership.  

When FFH’s vice president of Human Resources and Talent Development announced her retirement, Englerth turned to Theresa Kwayi, CBY Professional Services Vice President of HR Consulting, to help recruit for the position. 

“I felt it was best to work with an outside recruiter,” Englerth says. “I wanted to test new strategies in recruitment.” 

‘Opportunities to learn’

For eight months, Kwayi worked with Englerth and the FFH team not only on recruiting and screening candidates but on conducting a total cultural assessment and HR analysis. Kwayi identified strengths and weaknesses in the HR operation, reviewed its policies, and looked at the demographics and trends of the FFH workforce.  

Kwayi interviewed HR team members and helped develop a list of complementary characteristics that FFH should seek to reinforce its strengths and eliminate its weaknesses. She then helped develop a strong hiring advertisement, a compensation window, and an interview guide for FFH team members. Kwayi served as a readily available sounding board, offering valuable insights. 

Through the process, Englerth received strong, vetted candidates. From Kwayi’s vast expertise Englerth gleaned knowledge that she plans to use in recruiting.  

“Whenever you’re bringing expertise into your everyday work, there’s always opportunities to learn,” Englerth says. “Not only did we have the deliverable of getting the right person in the role, it was really good to learn new strategies.” 

The collaboration with CBY has resulted in tangible changes at FFH. Kwayi emphasized using behavioral questioning during interviews and restructuring team interviews for executive-level positions. FFH now incorporates multiple-level team interviews and encourages candidates to create a presentation on a relevant topic as part of the interview process. 

“The relationship with CBY is about more than filling the role,” Englerth says. “It’s about creating a strong recruitment process.” 

A dedication to community health

Englerth’s commitment to the field of community health long has been driven by a passion for social justice and equity. She firmly believes that the success of a community is inextricably tied to the health of its residents.  

Even with excellent schools and job opportunities, a community cannot thrive if its residents wake up unwell and lack the necessary support structures for good health, she says.  

With Englerth at the helm, FFH’s 250 dedicated employees come to work every day with the mission of improving community health. The organization’s diversity contributes to it being able to provide excellent service to residents. The collaboration with CBY Professional Services not only has filled a crucial position but has left a lasting imprint on FFH’s recruitment processes, which will strengthen the dedication and diversity of the FFH family. 

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