Child Abuse Searches

Child Abuse Searches

CBY Systems Inc. has been providing PA Child Abuse Searches for many years. The State has always dictated that the actual report had to be sent to the Job Applicant’s home address and it was the Applicant’s responsibility to deliver it to the Employer/Human Resources. This added time to the recruiting and decision-making process.

CBY is pleased to announce that we have arranged with the State of PA to have an additional Waiver signed by the Job Applicant to allow the report to be delivered directly to the Employer. This will save time by eliminating delays with the Job Applicant not getting the form back to you in a timely fashion or not at all.

Please contact our EZ-FACTS Employment Screening Dept. today to receive your copy of the Waiver to allow this process. The Waiver needs to be signed by each Job Applicant and the Employer has to provide the address of where the report should be delivered.

CBY strives to find ways to continually improve our services for you, our clients. Thank you for your business.

Steven H. Gohn, President