Credit & Collections Services

Ethical debt collection to recover the money you deserve as well as the ability to qualify your clients by pulling a credit report to prevent delinquent payments.

Contingency Based Debt Collection

As your Third Party Contingency Based Partner, we serve as a buffer between you and your clients so you can maintain an ongoing relationship if necessary. You can choose to outsource all of your collection efforts to CBY or use us to compliment your existing internal efforts including being a back up to your current collection agency. We can locate and collect from debtors anywhere in the United States.

Commercial Credit Reports

How would you like to identify slow paying business customers before sending them an invoice? You could get deposit money up front or enforce stricter terms so they do not become a delinquent account.

CBY Systems Inc. can provide detailed information about a company’s Credit History, including how long it’s been established, payment trends, number of accounts, balances, any collection accounts, Judgments, bankruptcies, UCC filings and a credit rating. In the case of a small business or sole proprietorship we can combine the business’ credit with the owner’s personal credit report.