Prevent Slow Paying Clients

Prevent Slow Paying Clients

In these lean economic times, don’t take chances on new clients not paying you for your services. CBY Systems can provide Business To Business Credit Reports so you can qualify your new clients to see if you need to put them on Terms, require a deposit or even collect payment in full in advance.

Similar to a Dun and Bradstreet credit report, we use the more comprehensive Experian credit file. Experian includes more small to mid-size files as well as sole proprietors (you can even get a summary of the owner’s personal credit file if it is not officially under the business name).

Learn how quickly they pay, Days Beyond Terms (DBT), balances on accounts, liens/judgements or bankruptcies, outstanding legal fees, UCC filings and more. Typically for less than $50 which is much less than other business credit reports.

If you are in more of a retail situation, we can provide an Equifax personal credit report on individual consumer clients again to prevent not being paid or getting a deposit up front. This only costs $5 per individual and includes a Credit Risk Score.

If they still do not pay, we can help you with our Contingency Based Debt Collections where you do not pay us until we collect for you and in most cases you can add our fee onto the balance so that even when we do collect, you get what is owed to you.

Call to learn how to keep your cash flow working for you instead of clients owing you money.

Steve Gohn, President