Flood Zone Reports

As the regional Sales Agent for ServiceLink Flood Reports, we provide a portal for lenders to order Flood Zone Reports directly online with Life of Loan.

A wide range of products and services designed to meet the geographic data needs of lending institutions is provided through partnership with ServiceLink’s innovative technology.

Flood Compliance Services

More About LPS National Flood

ServiceLink is servicing 7 of the top 10 lenders in the country offering extremely competitive pricing with our exclusive free product CertMap. CertMap is an aerial photo providing a visual of the subject property and its proximity to a flood zone.

ServiceLink returns orders in seconds, maintains a “never down” flood processing system, provides the highest automation rate, completes manuals in just a few hours, guarantees the accuracy of our flood data, and most importantly, provides superior service.

Primary Reasons to order Flood Certs from ServiceLink

FEMA Map Changes. Over the last several years FEMA has made thousands of flood map changes which is affecting proerties nationwide. THis year alone there were 16,000 new flood maps and next year there will be over 29,000. This means millions of properties may have a flood status change. As the leading flood vendor, we have the staff and funds to stay current on all these map changes which ensures that each of our customers receive the latest flood data.

Stability and Reliability. ServiceLink is a leader in our industry servicing thousands of lenders and tracking the flood status for over 35 million properties. The costs associated with providing flood zone determinations have sky rocketed over the last several years which has prompted many flood vendors to close their doors or sell their operation. Now more than ever, lenders need STABILITY and RELIABILTY which Lender Processing Services (NYSE: LPS) offer through ServiceLink.

CertMap. Exclusively provided by ServiceLink is our custom product CertMap which allows our customers to visually view the subject property and the FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). CertMap is provided FREE as a true value-add to your flood zone determinations.

  • Availability of flood insurance
  • Estimated amount of flood insurance
  • Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and government lending restrictions
  • Required consumer notifications

Life-of-Loan Monitoring Services: Provides the required tracking for changes in FEMA/NFIP flood maps and Community Status designations.

  • Full life of loan service
  • Flexible life of loan service
  • Portfolio review service

HMDA & Census Tract Data: Satisfies Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data requirements. Complete geographic elements in HUD-required format, including codes for city, state, county, MSA, census tract, and Block Numbering Area.