5 things you can do right now if you’re struggling to generate sales leads

Lisanne Gray at CBY Professional Services shows you how you cut through the clutter and connect with your desired audience more effectively.

Cold-calling is the bane of every business development team’s existence. The endless phone ringing and constant rejection, as well as the occasional attempt to engage potential customers who might not be interested in your product or service, can quickly wear down the morale of even the most resilient salesperson. 

“There’s nothing worse than knowing you can solve the pain for somebody and you can’t get them on the phone,” says Lisanne Gray, Business Development Executive at CBY Professional Services.  

Gray has spent her career connecting with new leads and helping businesses grow through strategic outreach and lead generation. Her five strategies to generate more leads help companies cut through the clutter and connect with their desired audience effectively. 

1. Strategic time allocation

Gray stresses the importance of dedicating specific, optimal times each week for outreach efforts. Whether it’s making cold calls or initiating follow-ups, timing can significantly impact your success rate.  

“ If it’s on a Friday afternoon, you’re shooting yourself in the foot,” she says.  

Try to get inside the mind of your lead. When will the company most likely experience a stress point that your product or service can help alleviate? That’s the time to call.  

2. Meticulous research and development

Gone are the days of relying on outdated lists of leads bought from vendors. Instead, CBY conducts thorough research and development to curate high-quality, updated lists tailored to your specific needs. 

Don’t just cold-call Human Resources or the first number you can find. CBY determines who the decision-makers are and asks for them. It can make a world of difference in getting past the gatekeepers and initiating meaningful conversations. 

3. Authentic conversational approach

In a world where robocalling has become the norm and scripted interactions often fall flat, authenticity reigns supreme. While you still can use a script in your sales calls, craft conversational approaches that feel genuine and unscripted, says Gray.  

“You have about eight seconds to make that first impression. You have to have a talk track that’s going to get results.”  
Lisanne Gray
Business Development Executive

Effective lead generation is about establishing rapport and building relationships, not a robotic delivery. Taking the time to review talk tracks and ensuring a natural speech flow can significantly enhance engagement and response rates. 

4. Consistent follow-up strategy

Success in lead generation isn’t just about making the initial contact; it’s about nurturing relationships over time. Gray advises companies to adopt a consistent follow-up strategy, ensuring that no lead falls through the cracks.  

By breaking down the outreach process into manageable components and adhering to a structured schedule, companies can increase their chances of success and long-term engagement.

If you have a list of 500 leads, reach out in batches of 50 or so, Gray says. If you leave a message for 10 leads but can’t follow up for weeks because you’ve overstretched yourself, your message will be long-forgotten and that first effort wasted.  

5. Skip the sales speech; do this instead

Don’t make your cold calls sales-y. Try this: Ask your lead if he or she would be willing to take a quick five-question survey. For example, if your product is copiers, ask your lead about the five things most needed in a copier.  

As the final question, ask if there’s anyone in the lead’s circle of influence who also might be interested in your product or service. This style of cold-calling sets you up as an expert in the field while helping you generate additional vetted leads. The original lead also is more likely to answer the phone the next time your number pops up.  

“You have to get the client to engage with you,” Gray says.  

You’re not out to make a sale on that first call. Setting realistic expectations and focusing on initiating connections will lay the groundwork for successful contacts that grow into long-term relationships.  

Outsource the tough stuff

Navigating successful lead generation can be daunting, but you don’t have to go it alone. Gray and the team at CBY Professional Services are focused on helping organizations unlock the potential of their outreach efforts. From strategic planning to list development, cold-calling to email follow-up, CBY offers tailored solutions designed to connect you with new leads and drive sustainable growth. 

By outsourcing lead generation to CBY Professional Services, organizations save valuable time and resources while tapping into decades of expertise and industry insight without the need to hire a full-time sales team.  

“What I do is more of a holistic outreach program. It is customized to the client and is definitely well worth outsourcing,” Gray says.  

Generating leads isn’t just about placing calls or sending emails. It’s about making meaningful connections and fostering genuine relationships. With the right strategies and the support of seasoned professionals such as Gray and CBY Professional Services, you can elevate your lead-generation efforts and unlock business growth opportunities. 

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