Organizational Growth

CBY’s Strategy and Leadership Services will help take your business to the next level.

CBY Professional Services helps clients achieve their business and organizational goals with proven practices and expertise to lead you into the future.

Grant Writing & Tracking

Researching, identifying, applying for, and tracking grants can be laborious and time-consuming, especially if it is not your area of expertise. CBY has experienced grant writers that will research and identify opportunities, and if needed, complete the grant application and track the necessary documentation to ensure compliance with grantor requirements.

Interim Executive Leadership

Many organizations and businesses experience a time when they need an interim CEO or Executive Director. This integral role is vital for leading the company until a permanent person is hired, or even bringing a business in disarray through a complete transformation before new leadership is found. CBY Professional Services has the experience and expertise to immediately jump in and provide stability, integrity, and transparency with a servant-leader mindset.

Marketing & Public Relations

CBY Professional Services works with the region's premier marketing and public relations firms to ensure your goals are met. It is just one of the ways we bring you the right resource when you need it to help you focus on the vital details of your organization or business.

Strategy Development

Our proven process for developing strategic priorities will help any organization in any industry identify what is most important to move forward with focus. A solid strategy also provides your leadership with the ability to only pursue opportunities that align with the mission, vision, values, and priorities of the organization.

Strategic Outreach

We take a holistic approach to providing our clients with a customized program by capturing goals and visions and utilizing our expertise to achieve sustainable results. Our outreach services include but are not limited to, lead generation, market research, prospecting campaigns, client satisfaction surveys, conference planning and follow-up, and a membership drive enhancement.

Whitepaper Creation

Positioning your organization as a thought leader in your industry provides you with a distinct competitive advantage. CBY Professional Services can help you apply your knowledge and insight of a particular topic by creating a whitepaper that is branded and presented in the marketplace as your own. Whitepapers are frequently used successfully as a tool of our Strategic Outreach team to start a conversation and find those interested in what you have to offer.

Legal Services

While CBY does not directly provide legal services, we do have formal relationships with a few of the region's largest law firms that ensure easy access and referral services resulting in your legal needs being met by the right resource in a timely manner.

Information Technology

While CBY does not directly provide information technology (IT) services, we do have formal relationships with some of the region’s premier IT firms that ensure easy access and referral services resulting in your IT needs being met by the right resource in a timely manner.

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