Financial Operations

We offer various accounting and finance-related services to help your business grow.

Financial health ensures a successful, thriving business. Let CBY Professional Services make sure the numbers are right so you can focus on pushing your business forward.

Accounting Department Management

CBY Professional Services can help you become more efficient through process improvement. We guide your staff to gain the knowledge and understanding to handle monthly, quarterly, and annual processes. CBY can also completely handle these tasks for you. This includes functions including 1099 processing, business privilege tax returns, year-end work papers, and budgeting.


Remove yourself from the debits and credits of your business. From Accounts Payable to monthly journal entries and account reconciliations, let CBY Professional Services handle the transactions so you can focus on the things that drive your business.


CBY Professional Services can help you with financial reporting. Having timely, accurate financial reporting puts you in the driver’s seat of your business. With your input, reports are designed to provide a scorecard that can be used to track the progress for achieving your business objectives.

Interim CFO

Whether you have a key member of your financial team leaving or don't have the resources to bring someone on full-time, CBY can fill the gap and keep things working smoothly in your financial department.

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