Background Screenings

Our accountable FCRA-certified staff treats your background screening needs with the utmost priority.

CBY Professional Services offers a variety of extensive background checks and individual screening services to enable your workplace, school, church, or event to run smoothly.

Our extensive employment background screening services are designed to simplify your recruiting processes, and our diligent team guides you through every step for a truly seamless experience.

Our staff utilizes certified background screening check services to provide you with accurate investigative, identity development, verification, occupational health, and monitoring services in a timely and organized manner.

CBY’s employment screening services are adaptable to any specific company's needs.

Whether you are in search of background screenings for employment or require a business background check before partnering with another company, our services are affordable and accommodating.

We give you the tools to make an informed decision on who you are hiring.

Keep not only your employees, vendors, and guests safe while at your site by running criminal background checks, verifying the social security number, and having CBY verify past or current employment and education. During onboarding, an I-9 verification verifies with the Social Security Administration and the Department of Human Services that the information on the I-9 matches their records.

Employment Background Screenings

Our team of employment screening experts is dedicated to serving our clients with unparalleled accountability and accuracy.

List of Screening Services We Offer



Occupational Health



Other Screening Services

Pennsylvania Act 153 Screenings

Act 153 screenings are unique to private and public school employees, volunteers, independent contractors, students, and college and university faculty in Pennsylvania that work with children. Act 153 background checks are required for any person 14 years and older who may come into contact with children through work or volunteering.

CBY Professional Services offers easy-to-understand Act 153 background checks to help PA schools remain compliant with state regulations. These extensive background checks ensure the safety of students during class, camps, and working on campus.

Act 153 includes an FBI background clearance, state background screening, and child abuse clearance. Whether your teachers, college professors, school volunteers, students, food service, or administrators need background screenings completed, CBY can make the process seamless for your team. 

Drug Testing Services

CBY Professional Services offers substance abuse screenings for DOT and Non-DOT pre-employment and ongoing employment-related purposes (random, post-accident, for cause, etc.)

We utilize a NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) certified laboratory to make sure that our clients are compliant with any regulations that govern their day-to-day operations.

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