How an interim executive can help maintain your company’s business growth through transitions

Lisanne Gray, CBY Professional Services’ Business Development Executive and an expert at lead generation, helps clients plug holes so they can keep their businesses growing.

The sudden departure of a key business development executive can leave a company scrambling to maintain momentum and prevent revenue loss.

This is where Lisanne Gray, a seasoned Business Development Executive at CBY Professional Services, steps in.  

With a wealth of experience in business development and lead generation and a knack for swiftly adapting to new environments, Gray quickly assumes the role of interim business development professional, helping ensure that a business can continue to grow, even in a moment of crisis. 

What is an interim business development executive?

Interim business development positions are temporary roles designed to fill gaps when permanent business development staff are unavailable, whether due to sudden departures, medical leaves, or other unexpected events.

Unlike with permanent roles, an interim executive serves short-term, from a few weeks to several months, depending on the company’s needs.

The primary goal, Gray says, is to pick up the pieces and keep the business development pipeline active, ensuring that opportunities are not missed during transitional periods. When a business development professional leaves suddenly, businesses can’t afford to wait to fill the position.

CBY’s ability to step in at a moment’s notice can help prevent financial losses and maintain business continuity. 

Why should I hire an interim business development executive?

Cost-effective solutions: Hiring an interim business development professional can be more budget-friendly than recruiting a full-time employee, with no additional costs for benefits or employee taxes. For a fraction of the cost of a full-time salary, businesses can get expert business development services with a professional who will take the time to learn the ins and outs of the business. 

Flexibility and expertise: Interim professionals such as Gray bring a wealth of experience and adaptability. They are familiar with various customer relationship management systems and can get up to speed quickly with the company’s processes.  

Gray’s extensive business development experience allows her to make meaningful contributions almost immediately, from maintaining client relationships to generating new leads. She is able to take those tasks off the plate of another C-Suite employee who might feel pressure to step in to fill the gap. 

“If you’re a c-suite officer and you just don’t have time for business development, you don’t have to get up every day and say, ‘I’m going to hate my job today,’” she says.  

Timely action: Within a week of a company reaching out to her, Gray can begin performing business development duties and keep the sales lines and potential client touches moving forward.  

“I understand this could be very emergent, especially if you’ve just lost someone and need to make your sales numbers,” she says. “If we need to take some extra time to develop the plan quickly, then I can hit the ground running in less than a week from when you lost the person.”

When is the right time to hire an interim business development executive?

Determining the correct time to hire involves assessing the company’s situation and needs. 

Sudden departures: If a key business development employee leaves abruptly, an interim professional can step in quickly to ensure that ongoing projects and client relationships are not disrupted. 

“Any organization that suffers the loss of a key C-suite or upper management person, they need not panic,” Gray says. “All they need to do is call me.”  

Temporary absences: For situations such as maternity leave, medical leave, or extended travel, an interim business development professional can keep business development activities on track until the permanent employee returns. 

Pipeline maintenance: Keeping the sales pipeline active is crucial. An interim business development professional can ensure that follow-ups and lead generation continue smoothly, preventing potential revenue loss. 

How will I know the service was successful?

Contracting an interim business development professional should not be confused with hiring telemarketers, Gray says.  

“A telemarketing firm is going to use robo-dialing. It’s going to be very scripted. If you have someone doing all those calls in a telemarketing way, you’re going to have a reputation of someone with an annoying sales team,” she says. 

Instead, CBY Professional Services works alongside a business or organization as a partner from beginning to end. It’s a personalized approach that ensures an organization will be represented professionally. 

“It’s much more in the quality of the work versus the quantity of the calls,” Gray says.  

In times of transition, businesses need reliable partners to maintain momentum and prevent revenue loss. Gray and the CBY Professional Services team offer the expertise, flexibility, and immediate impact required to fill gaps in business development, helping your company continue to thrive.    

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