CEO builds stronger team with CBY’s Working Genius training 

Building a team that includes every strength or “genius” helps organizations increase productivity and success.

Ronay Hershey, President and CEO of Quantum Accounting Associates LLC, was trying to hire employees for a related company — Budding Accounting Solutions — that she was launching, but she kept coming up short. Something was missing from her team.  

She turned to Susan Davis, Vice President and Chief Growth Officer at CBY Professional Services.  

Davis helps strengthen workplaces through a model called “The 6 Types of Working Genius.” The model categorizes individuals by natural workplace strengths: Wonder, Invention, Discernment, Galvanizing, Enablement, and Tenacity.  

Building a team that includes every strength or “genius” helps organizations increase productivity and success. 

What began as a targeted initiative with CBY to fortify Hershey’s team dynamics unfolded into a deeper understanding about reshaping her entire hiring strategy and organizational culture. 

The need for disruption

As Hershey delved into the Working Genius process under the guidance of Davis, a striking realization emerged: On her team, there was an absence of a “disruptive force,” a Tenacity genius.  

In the Working Genius model, someone with a disruptive genius excels at overcoming obstacles, pushing through challenges, and providing the perseverance and determination to drive progress and innovation in the team or organization. 

This observation became the pivotal element in Hershey’s hiring decisions.  

“This immediately made an impact on me and was the deciding factor on what our next hire was going to be and that the candidates would need to take the Working Genius assessment,” she says.  

Her focus shifted toward identifying candidates whose genius aligned with the quality of being disruptive. The Working Genius tool became an invaluable asset, guiding the development of tailored interview questions that focus on the specific characteristics needed to ensure success in the organization. 

An instrumental tool

This newfound clarity about the hiring process resulted in identifying two promising candidates for the position Hershey sought to fill. After taking the Working Genius assessment, one candidate distinctly stood out, showcasing a tenacious, disruptive genius, a critical characteristic at a pivotal stage of growth for Hershey’s company.  

For Hershey, the Working Genius training emerged as the instrumental tool that not only resulted in this crucial hire but provided a framework to maintain organizational balance and uphold a unique culture amid growth. 

“Finding the right person for the right seat on the bus at this point in our growth is critical,” she says. “The Working Genius was the tool that helped us hone in on that fit.” 

The impact of working with CBY to implement Working Genius extends beyond a singular hire. Hershey plans to build a comprehensive assessment test for every candidate to take to ensure that he or she will strengthen the team as a whole.  

“I highly recommend this process for any growing company looking to find balance in their organization through the hiring process,” Hershey says. 

Build a more dynamic, motivated, and successful team

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